Monday, June 14, 2010

Cold on the Golf Course

Well guys, this is one day I am very glad to not be out with Beverly. It is 63 degrees here today, which is chilly to me as I sit on the front porch and watch the dogs wrestle. But, trying to make sure the puppy doesn't eat any more of mom's garden. At least she is fenced out of the vegetable garden so we will still have fresh veggies later this summer/ this fall.

I am one committed beer babe. I do not quit under weather conditions that I hear that other girls wouldn't dream of driving around in. True, as soon as I see lightning or the thunder is getting close, I'm gone, but that is because it would be sheer stupidity to stay out in that crap. My job is not worth risking my life for-- I don't have life insurance! lol

But, what drives me crazy is when I get crap from the guys about it. "What, you're cold?!?" "You look a little wet" "Those goosebumps don't match your shirt". Yeah, I'm very cold and very wet. And maybe wearing 2 pairs of long johns under my jeans sounds a little over the top, but I'm still out serving you beer, aren't I?

Anyway, I don't mean to start ranting on here right away. So just take your beer, realize that I'm not doing anything like walking or golfing to keep my blood moving and am digging through ice because you can't decide what kind of beer you want, and it's got to be cold or you'll start bitching. Be glad I'm out, and I don't mind talking about the weather but be nice when I'm bundled up. :)

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